This is a web-site that is all about martial arts from the history to the modern fights of today, also worth checking my new martial arts film reviews section. Keep coming back as I will be updating this site regularly. Thanks for taking time to have a look. Martial Arts is one of the largest things around us and most people don't even know that it's there, what I mean is when your young and fighting with your brother or sister your teaching yourself Martial Arts, and when you watch the boxing on the tele or a kung fu movie you are in the mind teaching yourself Martial Arts moves. It's the best thing I ever started and I will not stop learning till the day I die.

I am about to start an Instructional DVD set that will show you the way I have learnt the techniques used in martial arts. The first DVD set will be all on 'Punching' so DVD one will be all about the 'Jab'.

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