I am writing a book that is all about martial arts, from the history of each martial art to the techniques used for each art. It will be packed with information on boxing, kung fu, exercises, training tips and much more. I started writing and reserching my book in 2006 and will hope to get it published in the not to far future. I will keep you updated and will advertise on this website when it is complete.

Here is a small paragragh from my book, and if anyone reads this and wants to comment then please do drop me an e-mail at thank you.

Introduction to This Book


I started writing this book in 2006 and the plan from then was to keep filling it with loads of information and thoughts of martial arts. I’ve included lots of photos and graphs showing different angles of stances, warm-up exercises etc, and the graphs will show my personal improvement or routines in my running and all-round training, I also recommend trying to do your own graphs and it might help by keeping a record of how you are improving. I’m not a very good writer but I wanted to get my way of training and all my knowledge of Martial Arts into a book so people can learn from me just as I did from some of the greatest boxers and martial artists in the world (Thanks to all of them), by writing this book it has helped me no end because when writing down all the techniques and warm ups etc it makes you think deep into how the techniques are done and how you would explain to other people how they are done, this made a big difference when I was in the gym training and still I am thinking of how the moves are done to other people and how to improve them too. The reason I have included a small part of this book about myself and where I started is because I found learning about other martial artists lives improved my own learning, it helped in many different ways. I found that a lot of people were thinking and training the same as myself and I learnt from their mistakes, for example when I was young my Dad and my uncles told me stories on the mistakes or the things they wish they had of done, plus the things they did right. All they were trying to do was help me so that I didn’t make the same mistakes, thanks guys.


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